“Roaming Rome: A Shopper’s Journey with Angelina Jolie and Her Daughter”

The well-known actress, Angelina Jolie, enjoyed some retail therapy with her 17-year-old adopted daughter, Zahara, while taking a break from their filming duties in the picturesque city of Rome.

Angelina Jolie and her daughter walked hand in hand on the streets of Rome, Italy on the afternoon of June 26.  The Maleficent star spent time with her children on her day off between filming days here.

It was a beautiful day on June 26 when Angelina Jolie was seen leisurely walking with her daughter in the charming streets of Rome, Italy. The well-known actress took some time off from shooting her upcoming movie ‘Maleficent’ to enjoy bonding moments with her children.

The Hollywood star dressed simply, carrying a large Yves Saint Laurent bag and Valentino sandals.  Ethiopian teenage girl puts on active sneakers.

The well-known movie star decided to go for a laid-back look, wearing a roomy bag from Yves Saint Laurent and cozy sandals from Valentino. On the other hand, her teenage daughter, who is originally from Ethiopia, went for a more athletic vibe by choosing a pair of sneakers.

Mother and daughter went to a fashion store to shop.

A mother and her daughter made plans to visit a clothing store for some retail therapy.

Jolie chose wide-leg pants and a skirt from a popular brand.

Jolie opted for a popular brand’s voluminous pants and a skirt with plenty of room.

They also went to several furniture stores and then took a taxi home after purchasing many items.

Moreover, they explored various furniture stores and rode a taxi back to their home with a wide assortment of recently purchased furnishings.

Angelina Jolie is currently directing the movie Without Blood filmed in Rome.  She also wrote the script and produced this horror film.

Angelina Jolie is currently in Rome, where she’s directing her latest project ‘Without Blood’, a horror movie that she penned and produced. This marks her much-anticipated return to the director’s chair after spending six years working on her critically acclaimed film ‘First They Killed My Father’ in Cambodia.

Angelina Jolie's children went to Italy with their mother during summer vacation.  Pax Thien - the 18-year-old adopted son from Vietnam (left) - and the eldest son Maddox, 20 years old from Cambodia, were seen on set last week.

Angelina Jolie decided to spend her summer vacation in Italy with her kids. While working on a project, she was accompanied by her eldest son Maddox and adopted son Pax Thien, who is 18 years old and from Vietnam. The two brothers were seen together on set.

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