“My Daughter Shines Bright: Tish Cyrus Beams with Pride as Miley Entertains in a Bold Marijuana Leaf Leotard for an Electrifying Bangerz Show”

Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz world tour has sparked a considerable amount of complaints and cancellation requests due to the singer’s predictable controversial performances. Despite this, one mother, Tish Cyrus, watched her daughter’s third gig of the 60-date road-show in Anaheim with evident pride as Miley continued to showcase her raunchy antics on stage. Tish sported a beaming smile as Miley gyrated, twerked, and writhed through another risque performance at the Honda Center in the Los Angeles suburb. Video footage of the concert can be found below.

On fire: It's been dogged by controversy, but Miley's performance was a hit with fans in Anaheim on Thursday evening

Fans were delighted with Miley Cyrus’ recent performance in Anaheim, despite some controversy surrounding it. While critics have been discussing the show, her audience loved it and thought it was fantastic.

That's my girl: Tish Cyrus is accompanied by heavily tattooed son Trace (R) as she takes in her daughter's latest show

The photos depict Tish Cyrus accompanying her son Trace, who is covered in tattoos, to her daughter’s recent concert. The 20-year-old performer repeated her previous shows in Vancouver and Tacoma, staying true to the planned choreography despite some contentious moments. While wearing a leotard with a marijuana leaf pattern and cowboy boots, Miley stood on a car bonnet and raised her middle finger, but remained consistent with her routine. Her backup dancers, recognizable by their flashy blonde wigs and gold costumes, imitated her gesture from behind.

Raunchy: Miley Cyrus takes the stage in Anaheim sporting the obligatory marijuana leaf leotard she sported when the tour launched in Vancouver on February 14

During Miley Cyrus’ recent performance in Anaheim, she was spotted with a marijuana leaf, which is not uncommon in these types of events. The incident took place on February 14th, during the kick-off of her tour in Vancouver.

Here comes trouble: The 20-year-old singer delighted fans during the third of 60 planned shows, but her management have reportedly received complaints  regarding its sexually explicit nature

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Here comes trouble: The 20-year-old singer delighted fans during the third of 60 planned shows, but her management have reportedly received complaints  regarding its sexually explicit nature

Uh oh, it looks like there’s some trouble brewing. The 20-year-old singer put on an exciting show for her fans at the third concert out of a planned 60, but her management team has apparently received some complaints about the explicit content of her performance.

Don't mind me: Miley sprawls across the car as dollar bills rain down

Miley doesn’t seem to care as she stretches herself out on the car while money falls from above.

Crazy antics: At one point, Miley was joined on stage by a performer almost twice her height

Picture Collection
Crazy Antics: During the event, Miley shared the stage with a fellow performer who stood almost twice as tall as her.

Outlandish: Miley's latest performance lived up to her raunchy reputation

Check out the Outlandish gallery for their most recent performance. Miley Cyrus lived up to her reputation for being bold and adventurous with an amazing show that left everyone impressed.

Being a bit cheeky: Miley is certainly pushing the enveloping when it comes to her outrageous stage behaviour

Miley Cyrus is known for her daring stage antics and she did not disappoint during her latest performance. She performed her signature move of sliding down a massive tongue while being safely harnessed. Her family including her mom Tish, dad Billy Ray, and tattooed brother Trace watched her from the front row. Despite a positive reception, the show generated many complaints to Miley’s management about its sexually explicit content.

Kiss this: Miley flaunts her derriere during Thursday's provocative show

Check this out: Miley flaunts her backside in a daring performance on Thursday.

One finger salute: The singer makes a rude gesture that appears to be emulated by her troupe of backing dancers

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A Gesture: The lead singer makes a rude movement, which appears to be mimicked by her backup dancers.

Reach for the sky: Miley is on good form as she performs on Thursday

Check out the collection on display

Reach for the sky: Miley is on good form as she performs on Thursday

Have a glimpse of the collection! Miley Cyrus is doing great while delivering a remarkable presentation in Anaheim yesterday. Go beyond your limits!

Legs akimbo: The tongue is present and correct as Miley raises a leg

Milley is captured in the gallery view, with one of her legs raised and her tongue visible, perfectly positioned.

Raunchy: Miley performs another provocative routine on a car bonnet during the Anaheim show on Thursday evening

On Thursday night’s Anaheim show, Miley Cyrus continued to push boundaries with a provocative performance that involved dancing on the hood of a car. However, her actions have resulted in numerous complaints, particularly from concerned parents, since the start of her tour in Canada last week. As a result, Miley’s management team has been inundated with calls for the entire tour to be cancelled. According to an insider, an emergency meeting has been called with everyone involved in the tour, including management, record label executives, and the entire crew, as venues across the US threaten to withdraw from hosting the show. While Miley is known for her shocking antics, this time she may have gone too far.

Energetic: The show, comprised of 20 tracks - many of them from latest album Bangerz - involves a series of energetic and highly provocative routines

In the Bangerz Tour, Miley Cyrus puts up an animated show with as many as 20 tracks, most of which are from her latest album. Her performances are full of high-spirited and stimulating acts that are sure to captivate the audience. Moreover, Cyrus also engages with the crowd during the show.

Star attraction: Fans flocked to see Miley's third Bangerz show as she continues to tour the US until April when the show moves on to mainland Europe

Miley’s third Bangerz show was attended by enthusiastic fans, who are eagerly following her US tour until April before it moves to mainland Europe. Despite all the fun and excitement, Miley wants to educate kids through her performances. In a recent interview with MTV, Miley expressed her hope that people would view her tour as an educational experience for kids. She believes that many individuals lack exposure to art, and her tour can be a catalyst for change. Miley intends to involve the audience during the intermissions to make the show more interactive and engaging. Her ultimate goal is for her fans to have an unforgettable experience.

All aboard: Miley prepares for a trip down the 'tongue slide'

Miley is all set to take a spin on the notorious “tongue slide”. Let the adventure begin!

It's that time again: Miley grabs her crotch after switching outfits during Thursday's California show

Have a gander at this collection of over 29 captivating images in the gallery.

It's that time again: Miley grabs her crotch after switching outfits during Thursday's California show

It seems like a familiar occurrence as Miley Cyrus was recently spotted adjusting her clothing while holding her crotch during her performance in California.

Costume change: The leotard is discarded in favour of a racy red number

In the Gallery View, there’s a scene where the leopard costume gets swapped for a daring red outfit. The singer expresses her desire for her fans to gain a deeper understanding of the art that motivates her. She believes that combining the energy of the VMAs with the authenticity of an unplugged performance creates a hybrid experience that is solely about the music. She wants her audience to be entertained by the spectacle but also have a genuine appreciation for the musical core of her performance.

Controversial: Miley is no longer the wholesome Disney princess of old

Take a look at the gallery to witness Miley Cyrus’ transformation from a once wholesome Disney princess to a controversial figure.

Supportive: Trace Cyrus (far left), Tish Cyrus (centre) and Billy Ray Cyrus (far right) attend the show

The exhibit was witnessed by more than 29 individuals. The artist had the support of their family members, with Trace Cyrus standing on the left side, Tish Cyrus in the middle, and Billy Ray Cyrus on the right. They were all present at the event.

Any chance of fries with that? Miley swings from a large hot dog, as you do, during the Bangerz show on Thursday

Do you think it’s possible to make friends while hanging out like Miley Cyrus? She was seen swinging on a giant hot dog during her Bangerz performance last Thursday.

Balancing act: Miley holds on as she is swung above the stage

Observing the gallery view, one can witness Miley’s impressive balancing skills while she fearlessly swings above the stage.

I'm up here: The singer swings high above the audience gathered inside Anaheim's Hona Center

The vocalist is flying high above the crowd gathered at the Honda Center in Anaheim, as seen from the gallery view.

A face in the crowd: Billy Ray Cyrus makes his way past camera wielding fans on Thursday evening

As he made his way through a throng of enthusiastic fans on Thursday evening, Billy Ray Cyrus stood out as a noteworthy figure in the crowd.

Standing out: Billy Ray has a wave for the cameras

Billy Ray has his own unique way of posing for the cameras, which sets him apart from others in the field. His signature style is easily recognizable by anyone who has seen his photos.

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