“Miley Cyrus steals the stage with her feline outfit at the AMAs 2013”

Miley Cyrus was named the winner at the American Music Awards on Sunday night for wearing the least amount of clothing. Despite performing her power ballad “Wrecking Ball,” the 20-year-old’s impressive live vocals were overshadowed by the fact that she was stripped down to her underwear. She continued to shock as she strutted around the stage in a kitten-print pair of undergarments. Watch the video below.

Hi there, Kitty! Miley Cyrus performed at the AMAs in a tight bikini next to a large cat. However, she didn’t do any twerking this time around.

During the 2013 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, Miley gave her all on stage with a performance that was nothing short of a sex kitten.

Matching matchy! Miley donned a two-piece 80s-style bikini adorned with a playful pussy cat print that perfectly coordinated with her shoes.

Miley donned a two-piece 80s style bikini covered in a playful pussy cat print that matched her shoes. She arrived wearing a white trouser suit, hinting that she was planning to smarten up her image a bit. However, the former Disney star proved that her provocative stage presence is here to stay. Standing on stage behind a gigantic cat that looked on the verge of tears, Miley belted out the notes of the song, which is rumored to be inspired by her break-up with Liam Hemsworth.

During a live performance, Miley Cyrus appeared to become emotional as she sang in front of a large crying feline.

Sad Feline: Miley performs in front of a cat companion who could match Grumpy Cat’s level of gloom.

During the 2013 American Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre in LA, Miley Cyrus delivered a performance on stage.

It’s no surprise that the cat is upset! Miley Cyrus wears a tight bikini while performing next to a large feline who appears to be somewhat down.

Hey, what’s up with Miley Cyrus? As usual, she was a bit trashy during her performance on Sunday night.

During the 2013 American Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre, Miley Cyrus gave a performance on stage.

During the 2013 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre, Miley Cyrus gave a stunning performance on stage. She not only flaunted her vocals but also strutted around the stage, showing off the back of her bikini outfit. Although she lacked creativity in the wardrobe department, Miley made up for it with her bold accessories, including huge Perspex earrings and bangles that appeared to be weighing her down.

Is it too risky for TV? Miley Cyrus was captured on camera from the waist up for the majority of her performance at the American Music Awards.

Something is missing: Miley nailed all the correct notes for her song “Wrecking Ball”, but her attire was nowhere to be found.

Miley Cyrus confidently defended herself against critics who find her performances too risqué. Interestingly, her outfit was deemed too much for the show’s producers at one point, as they filmed her from the waist upwards. Despite catching her breath and appearing as though she may break down in tears, Miley managed to maintain her composure and hit the final high note. Meanwhile, her pop rivals were significantly less provocative.

Someone seems to have forgotten their clothes! Miley Cyrus has revealed a little too much as she performs in her underwear once again at the AMAs.

Expressing it differently: In her performance, Miley’s impressive singing ability took a backseat to the lack of clothing she wore on stage.

Certain things remain constant: Miley did not disappoint her fans with her ever-present tongue.

There are certain things that remain unchanged: Miley definitely didn’t disappoint fans of her ever-present tongue.

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