Miley Cyrus Shares Flirty Pre-Performance Clip That’s Sure to Capture Attention

Miley Cyrus shared a video of her pre-show routine on Tuesday (Feb. 9) to mark the occasion of her TikTok Tailgate concert before Sunday’s Super Bowl. In the video, she can be seen getting ready in a sultry manner. She captioned the tweet with a humorous statement about sending this video to every boy she knows, along with a skull and crossbones emoji, followed by a playful acknowledgment that her one and only is aware that it’s just a joke.

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Miley Cyrus, the singer and actress who rose to fame as the star of Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana,” has become a household name. Known for her bold style and provocative performances, Cyrus has been in the public eye since her teens and has grown into a successful entertainer and philanthropist. With a string of hit albums and singles, Cyrus has proven herself to be one of the most influential pop stars of her generation. Despite her controversial image, she has also used her platform to advocate for social justice causes and support charitable initiatives. Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Miley Cyrus is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

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As she fluffs her blonde mullet and holds up her phone to take a black and white selfie video, Miley can be heard cooing “you know you’re my one and only” before the upbeat tune of SaWeetie’s “My Type” kicks in. The song inspires Miley to show off her athletic dance moves and even a bit of twerking while wearing her FTW cheerleader bikini. Based on the video, it seems like she’s in a backstage room with her team who is cheering her on. Unfortunately, we never find out who Miley’s “one and only” is.

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Miley Cyrus made it clear that she is content with being unattached, as she shared a throwback clip from her Hannah Montana days where she confidently declares that she has no qualms about not having a boyfriend. In a recent TikTok Tailgate show, the singer addressed the audience and revealed that she is currently single and is ready to mingle once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. However, fans shouldn’t be too quick to shower her with Valentine’s Day gifts just yet, as Miley humorously admitted in a tweet that being single may have its downsides but it also grants her the freedom to do whatever she wants.

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