Bella Thorne Spills the Beans on Her Hollywood Obsessions: Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato

According to a recent interview with Maxim, Bella Thorne admits to having celebrity crushes on Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. It’s refreshing to see that even famous individuals can have similar interests and preferences as the rest of us.

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Maxim and Bella were chatting when the topic of crushes came up. Bella shared her admiration for Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, describing them as “toasty.” We wholeheartedly agreed with her assessment! Bella went on to praise Demi as “fire” and “pretty toasty,” while calling Miley “dope.” Besides having great taste in celebrities, Bella’s response was significant because it showcased the validity of bisexuality. By acknowledging her attraction to both male and female celebrities, Bella made a powerful statement about sexual orientation.

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Many individuals within the biSexual community are challenged by erasure as their identity is often met with skepticism. It’s a common misconception that biSexuals are unsure of themselves and need to choose a side. Despite more and more young people identifying as biSexual, this false notion still persists today. As a result, biSexual representation in mainstream media is lacking, which only perpetuates the belief that they don’t exist. Bella’s carefree attitude towards her own biSexuality speaks volumes and sends an important message that being biSexual is legitimate and should be accepted.

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Bella nonchalantly disclosed her sexual orientation when a fan on Twitter asked her about it. Despite her casual approach, the reactions she received from her industry fellows were far from positive. Bella acknowledged that it can be challenging for individuals in her profession, and she has already encountered disapproval from some of her peers. Although studios have not explicitly expressed their discontent with her unconventional image, they have hinted at their disapproval.

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It’s impressive how Bella stays true to herself even when faced with opposition. This quality also shows in her approach to romantic relationships. Currently dating Tyler Posey, Bella emphasizes the significance of finding a partner who accepts and loves all parts of you. She values relationships where her significant other completely embraces her identity and responds with affection. It’s refreshing to see Bella confidently assert herself, which consequently inspires others who experience similar struggles. She demonstrates that being different is perfectly fine and that there are others on the same path towards self-love.

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